Audrey Harris, L.M.A., C.M.T., C.A.

Certified Massage Professional: Holds one License & 12 Accredited Certificates

Our bodywork therapist is a Top-Rate Pro with an International Fusion Skill Set: Hawaiian, Thai, Hot Stone, Swedish, & More

  • Able to give 15 Different Types of Massage
  • Create and perform a wide variety of Personalized Fusion Massages, blending your choice of techniques and using your choice of equipment
  • Whether you are a beginner or pro: enjoy the benefits of a truly sophisticated touch
  • 25-minute Deep Tissue & Sports Massage; at a professional standard, these are simple treatments aimed at providing general benefits, such as relieving knots and muscle tension
  • Perform an 11-minute Hand Massage at a professional standard
  • Transform any oil-based massage into an Aromatherapy Massage, using your choice of 52 Essential Oils
  • Able to perform a 25-minute Head Massage at a professional standard
  • Perform a 30-minute Hot Stone Massage at a professional standard

Our accreditation course has spent years of their lives, traveled the world, and it cost over $12,000 in tuition fees to learn these skills… which we share with your body to help get it healthy.

At Olympico Chiropractic Med-Spa

Our Bodywork therapists are certified trained following:

  • Massage on a massage table (20 min)
  • Swedish Full-Body (54 min)
  • Thai (96 min)
  • Deep Tissue (25 min, basic)
  • Sports (38 min, basic)
  • Hawaiian (67 min)
  • Hot Stone (45 min)
  • Head Massage (46 min)
  • Hand Massage (12 min)
  • Foot Massage (47 min)
  • Rhythmic Thai (43 min)
  • Chair (17 min, basic)
  • Fusion Massages, approx. 4 hours: table fusion, hot stone fusion, deep
  • Indian fusion, back rub fusion & seated back fusion.

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